We have a special menu for each event and season. Follow our events in social media for details.

Thukpa soup

Traditional big Tibetan soup - strong broth, home made noodles, vegetables, meat

Steamed momo dumplings

Veg, non-veg, vegan - VEGAN

Grilled momo dumplings

Veg, non-veg, vegan - VEGAN

Thukpa salad

Buckwheat noodles, asian vegetables and herbs, chilli, ginger - VEGAN

Yermelín - Tibetan pickled Camembert

A fusion of the Czech speciality of pickled camembert cheese, infused with Tibetan spices. Winning recipe of gastronomy competition

Pickled raddish

Sour pickled raddish Tibetan style - VEGAN

Chilli sauce

Hot home made chilli sauce (fresh tomatoes, chilli, garlic, ginger) - VEGAN

Sonam´s sauce

Non-spicy special sauce

Ice cream "Tibetan tea"

Limited edition of artisanal icecream produced by Zmrzlinárna Braník for special events

Tibetan tea

Traditional Tibetan butter tea